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What is TxtCart?

TxtCart is your one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce SMS Marketing needs. Unlike others, we don’t rely on chatbots. We are human-powered and perfected by AI. We believe building relationships and creating a unique customer experience is what sets us apart, and ultimately produces better results.

This gives you direct, personal communication through an effective channel (text messages). Don’t talk at your customers in an e-mail. Talk with them in a conversational text messages. That’s where we come in. We engage your customers in a friendly and helpful way to educate them on making more informed buying decisions with your business all while closing the deal through a unique SMS discount code. Increasing your business revenue, one text at a time.

While our most powerful feature set is our live agents handling your SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery, we also offer SMS Promotional Campaigns and Reminders. Set a campaign, choose your length and discount code, and with ease reach all of your customers through powerful SMS marketing.


What is the TxtCart
team like?

Our core values are integrity, transparency, and creativity. We aim for open and consistent communication between all team members of all ranks. We are a young, dynamic and fast-paced workforce ready to tackle any problem big or small and deliver on our promises to our customers. We believe that work should bring a sense of joy while providing value.


Company Size?

We are a growing startup with 4-10 employees and partners. Join our dynamic fast-paced and growing team. We’re Hiring!

Perks and Benefits

Flexible Hours – We work largely remotely and across the US. Choose the times and schedule that works for you.

Unlimited Vacation – We believe the best work requires personal time off. We encourage our employees to take breaks when needed and to disconnect.

Equity Options – Any employee can be a stockholder in the business

Learning and Development – We are happy to support personal and business growth.Whether this means conferences, taking courses or sales training.

Technology – Get access to state of the art technology and software tools


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