How TxtCart has “Reinvented the Wheel” of SMS Marketing for Gold Cultures

Helping a small-scale e-commerce website strengthen its presence in the marketing realm

Client: Gold Cultures

The Challenge

Help Gold Cultures not only scale their business, but aid in cart-abandonment recovery to boost sales while being more engaged with their customer base.

The Outcome

In three months, 200+ orders were recovered, $5,000+ increase in sales, and a 10% conversion rate based on the amount of messages sent.




Return on Investment

Gold Cultures

Gold Cultures was a startup that was never thought to become a reputable online store focused on delivering the best quality jewelry at lower prices than competitors. Within a few months time, thousands of visitors were hitting the site on a daily basis and the brand exploded. Gold Cultures is on a consistent path of growth with nothing in their path. This is where TxtCart stepped in…

What Challenges Were You Having Prior to Using TxtCart?

  Gold Cultures made it very apparent that recovering customer’s abandoned carts via email marketing tactics was a bit of a daunting task. The majority of consumers tend to look past or just flat out delete emails. Gold Cultures was tired of messing with emails and automations that failed to yield any results.   

Why TxtCart?

  Gold Cultures began using TxtCart to fill the void of seemingly useless email marketing tactics. They were certain that there were other means besides social media posts and email. SMS marketing was the perfect fit for the business, yielding more sales and customer satisfaction than ever before.


Customer Reply Rate


Conversion Rate


Abandoned Orders Recovered

Think about it like this, writing letters and having mailboxes were extremely popular back before we were born, then email took it over. Email has been in the spotlight since the 90s, but just like physical mail and other forms of traditional communication in the past, email is being phased out and replaced with SMS. TxtCart is ahead and others need to jump on board.

- Shak, Gold Cultures CEO

Gold Cultures + TxtCart

Gold Cultures believes that by installing TxtCart, not only does it increase your sales, but it assures your customer base that you are a reputable, sustainable, and trustworthy brand that they are buying from. The new wave of online shopping in recent years with the ability to communicate with your customers via text is an unprecedented advancement in how we think about sales/marketing.

The best part about TxtCart is that you are helping drop shippers and e-commerce stores become a better version of themselves. 80-90% of your business should be advertising and marketing, that is especially true in this space. Essentially every product or service is completed, you just have to find new marketing methods to push them out. That is how you scale your business.


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